Tuesday, 9 June 2009

BNP, NAC, LMC, CRiSAP (No Deleterious Affiliations Implied)

A bad start to the week as the BNP sneak two seats on the European Parliament. Absolute f***ing scum. 

On the plus side, having at last found the time (my viva is on Thursday!) to read this months Wire magazine, I am pleasantly surprised to find this wonderful LMC archive available for browsing on the CRiSAP website. David Toop compiled it, and the wonderful (ex-tutors of mine) Cathy Lane and Angus Carlyle facilitated it - CRiSAP is now in charge of the LMC's archive since Arts Council England pulled their funding in 2008.

As you navigate your way around the four sections of the archive, there are some weird and wonderful sound pieces to accompany your reading of Posters from various LMC events over the years and pictures of the likes of the Feminist Improvising Group, Steve Beresford, Jim O'Rourke and Caroline Kraabel et al. But most interestingly, the above fantastically indifferent letter to David Toop from the Noise Advisory Council in 1978 in reference to the Music Context festival the LMC organised that summer. Toop describes the festival in the following manner:

Music Context was a festival of environmental and contextual music held at the LMC from the 28th July to 5th August, 1978. The idea for the festival derived initially from the participation of Paul Burwell and myself in similar festivals organised by acoustic ecologist Albert Mayr in Florence and Milan. The focus of the festival as it developed became increasingly centred on the idea of presenting an overview of soundwork specifically concerned with contextual problems and relationships, touching on issues such as the anthropology of listening, music in physical space, conceptual art and sound, temporality and performance, music and gender, and community engagement with the sonic environment.


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