Saturday, 5 September 2009

Jim O'Rourke's 'The Visitor' - No Rancour Here.

"What's certain is that you can't buy a download of The Visitor. Its meticulously layered mix turns to utter shit when reduced to an MP3 - believe me I've checked. It's a welcome blow struck for quality that also establishes O'Rourke as a fighter against the times.

The record's dedication to Derek Bailey likewise does more than acknowledge a late idol's passing. Bailey was notoriously unconcerned about who he pissed off, but the way he burned his bridges was the key to his ongoing relevance as his most celebrated alliances. Like Bailey, O'Rourke has punctuated his career with broken connections that have pushed him onto dangerous but fertile ground, and his anticipation that The Visitor will earn rancour suggests that that's what he's looking for. Perhaps he wants us to know that he, like Roeg and Bailey, doesn't need to be liked; he just needs to do what he's doing." - Bill Meyer, The Wire, September 2009.

I'm not entirely sure about some of Meyer's statements of cross-purpose in this article - like the last sentence cited above - but what is indubitably clear is that Jim O'Rourke has, once again, composed a quite brilliant record; riff-laden, rested in all the right places, gloriously understated and, well, perfectly put together (purportedly there were over 200 tracks of audio recorded before he was happy wiv is mix).

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