Sunday, 4 July 2010

Ode to Grain

"The first 'photograph'. Using a pewter plate coated with light sensitive salts inside a little box with a lens attached, Niepce made the first photograph, from an upstairs window at his country estate near Chalon-sur-Saone. The exposure was eight hours." - Gerry Badger.

When something exists in deplorable quantities, one should return to the point at which that something came into existence in order to understand the true consequence of its unrestrained production. Today, the sheer quantity of images being taken by camera-wielding blind-bargainers is the abhorrent consequence of the gross misunderstanding of the eight-hour importance of the photographic image: for Niepce's sake, please, please stop taking so many photographs...

Sweet jesus... Despite this guys idiocy, some of his asinine statements point in the right direction: